Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home

"Where Prayer Makes the Difference
                                       Giving Hope Where there is No Hope"      

About Us
In 1992 Ed and Nan Weber founded the Holy Family Ministry Center "for the Renewal and the Restoration of the family and Catholic Family Life through the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy."

Nan has a BA in Education and is an LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse).   Ed has a BS in Engineering and is a CNA (Certified Nursing assistant). They are the parents of 10 daughters and have 31 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. They have been working in family ministry since 1972. They are Secular Franciscans  Nan works with the development of the many programs at the Center.    They are Spiritual Directors in the Diocese of Amarillo and were one of the founding families for The Holy Family Home School Association.  They have a background in Marriage Encounter work, Prayer Group Leadership, Rachael's Vineyard post-abortion healing and prison ministry.  

 All of this experience is now bearing new fruit as God has called them to minister to families and their loved one's at the end of life through Loreto on the Plains Personal Care Home which is an outreach of the Center to those who are sick and terminally ill.   In 1999 they came to realize that it wasn't enough to only work to preserve the lives of God's children at the beginning of life.  The practice of Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Suicide was beginning to raise it's ugly head and people were ignorant of or refusing to accept that reality.  Loreto is to be a model personal care home and an inspiration which will encourage the laity to become involved in the fight against euthanasia by helping to care for those who are so vulnerable.  The labors in this ministry to the sick and terminally ill will take place in three ways:  In educating the laity with the truth about end of life issues, in caring spiritually for the dying and in providing medical and physical care until they die.

Jorge and Rachael De Santiago, came from Florida last year to help with the ministry while they were in the area.  Rachael is an excellent cook and adds much to the ministry with her gift of service, evangelism and organization as she spreads her sunshine and fiery spirit.   She is the daughter of Ed and Nan and is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant).  She and her husband Jorge are the proud parents of four children and one on the way in April.  Jorge is helping in many areas but most of all in the construction of Loreto.   They help with the keeping of the grounds and with the music ministry.  Rachael is involved in the Angels of Mercy Training and will be helping with the organization of that ministry.  Their children attend St. Anthony's School and are very gifted in the area of music, as well.  The help with the music at the monthly Mass said by Fr. Ron Mathews.

Richard Romero began to work with this ministry in 1992 when we came to provide music for their Marian Prayer Group at St. Joseph's Parish in Amarillo.  He welcomed us each week and made sure that all our music equipment needs were met.  Eventually he was helping to put our newsletter on the computer, later, as his job became more and more impossible for a Christian man to fulfill, we began to talk about how we might help him.  We wanted to be able to help him leave that screen printing situation but all we had was an old building and an old mobile home.  After much prayer, we felt that printing T-shirts that evangelized was indeed a tool that this ministry to the family could use and this would help him develop his gift for the Lord.  Soon Richard moved out to the Center where the T-Shirt line of Catholic Traditions was born.  House of Abraham Creations is the company that we formed in 1990.  Richard is a computer graphics expert and runs the HOA Shop.   He is the Sacristan for the Masses; the sound man for the ministry and head of anything dealing with production; a 4th Degree Knight of Columbus and District Deputy; lector at St. Anthony's Parish and has a beautiful gift of prayer.

Sister Mary Margaret has been a part of the team since January 1, 2000. She is a consecrated virgin in  private vows as a Mercy Servant of Christ Crucified.   Others who are single, have a pioneering spirit and hear the call to serve the sick and terminally ill are welcome to inquire about this forming community by calling 806-365-4651.    At left, Sr. Mary is helping as part of the "Meal Team" getting the refrigerator  filled with water  for all the workers who have come to lend a  hand in helping to build Loreto on the Plains.   Sr. Mary made her private consecration as a Mercy Servant of Christ Crucified on Nov. 1, 2005.   Sr. Mary makes the Intercessors of Divine Mercy Badges and is in charge of the Intercessors of Divine Mercy registration ministry. As a Mercy Servant there are many ways in which she and others who are called to this new emerging order can serve the sick and terminally ill.

Jim and Barb Mullen, of East, TX came to visit several years ago and we have been united in the Holy Spirit ever since.  They are the parents of three children and grandchildren.  Jim is retired from the Ford Company and Barb is a retired librarian.  He teaches Religious Education and she is the organist in their parish.  Barb and Jim have been on the same spiritual path as ourselves with Cursillo, Marriage Encounter, Charismatic Renewal, Retreats, Conferences and dedicated to learning and growing in Christ.  They are very prayerful and an example to all in love and service.  They were part of the team who attended the National Council on Aging Conference and Training.  They have been the past editors of the Holy Family Ministry Center newsletter, "As For Me and My House" and have spent many hours in planning, praying, crying, encouraging and rejoicing together as we answered the call to care for those who are suffering.
Fr. Ron Mathews is standing in front of the Image of Divine Mercy on the Holy Family Ministry Center grounds in Hartley.  Father is the chaplain for the Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Family Ministry Center and serves the Diocese of Amarillo in many other ways such as temporary pastor of several parishes in flux and hospital chaplain.  Father Ron has a radio program on Radio Maria that can be heard every Thursday at 1:00 PM.  He has had extensive experience as a Hospital Chaplain in both regular hospitals and in a mental hospital ministering to disturbed youth.  He has been a mission Priest, a Pastor of several parishes and works with Rachel's Vineyard, a retreat for post abortive woman. The gifts of healing and restoration along with his joy and generosity has led many to Jesus and will continue to touch the hearts of many as he helps to minister to the sick and terminally ill at Loreto On The Plains Personal Care Home.

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